Dec 24, 2010

Stress Less Christmas

-It was five or six years ago now that I finally realized Christmas is way better if you don't try to make it perfect or try to do everything. Slow down, enjoy, fellowship. For me, that meant don't decorate. Just don't do it. My decorations always went awry anyway (see photos above)
I took and continue to take a lot of ribbing when I don't decorate. But on the first week of January when everyone's working hard to put decorations away, I'm in my recliner by the fire.
-Remember the Christmas when Steve Hyde allegedly "ruined" our Christmas by throwing the gravy juice down the drain? You know what? He didn't ruin our Christmas. Remember when my entire decorated tree fell on Tom S? It didn't ruin our Christmas. Remember when the Brom's unmanned car coasted into the side of our house while we had a crowd of company in the living room visiting and the car just smashed into our living room wall? It didn't ruin our Christmas. (killed the bunnies, didn't it?, but didn't ruin Christmas) Remember when Aunt Myra's pizza came crawling out the oven door? It didn't ruin our Christmas.
So keep your chin up. Whatever major catastrophe happens, don't let it ruin your Christmas. If it's so bad it requires grieving, and I know many are grieving this year, grieve together, in each others arms, feel the warmth and love. What's important? People. Not gifts or shopping or traffic or decorations or food. People. Relationships. Isn't that why Christ was born? To make a way for us to have a relationship with God the Father. Take care and have a very loving Christmas. Comment about your Christmas catastrophes if you'd like, I'd enjoy reading them.

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