Dec 17, 2010

Toss Your Trash in the Backseat

In 2006 I learned (from watching Tom) about the joys of throwing things to the back of my vehicle when I'm through with them. He does it, specifically, with fast food trash. I do it with empty water bottles that I will later take into the house and recycle. ('cause I'm just good like that)
On a road trip with my mom, she watched me and got a real kick of it. How "freeing," how "liberating!" So I even let her toss one just for the fun of it. Later in the year I asked her if I left my shoes at her house. She responded, "I've cleaned the whole house, even the bedroom you stay in and no shoes. Maybe they are in your car. Maybe you tossed them into the back seat with your empty cup?"
Smartie. I again had the opportunity a few months later to spread the joy some more. Marj was riding home with me from the big city. We had picked up groceries and I had eaten some deli turkey and a banana right from the bag while driving. ('cause I'm just good like that) When I finished, I handed her the bag and said, "Would you toss that in the back seat?" She said, "For real?? I can toss it, just throw it??!!" I said, "Have at it." She questioned further, "I can toss it any way I want, even if it dumps?" I said, "Go for it. Get a big thrill from it. Nothing's worth doing unless you do it to the max -- even swing it round and round to build up some speed."
Then she aimed for my head.


Mom said...

Guess what I'M now tossing things in the back seat----------well maybe "laying" them back there but I'm getting there! Thing is Dad can't stand it and he cleans them out. 'Course none of it is food that's too messy, just shoes, books, etc. Aren't you proud of me!

Ruth said...

Marge [the real Marge, the original Marge!]!!! Your mother would have a fit!

Anonymous said...

back when we were YOUNGER,we would leave trash,and stuff in Mom and dads car. NOW,they nonchalonachly,just HAPPEN to leave it in our vehicles. (A little pay back time)