Jan 30, 2011

Sunday's Satchel

I found this idea on Blogging Butter's wonderful blog: Sunday Satchel. I think she should use Mr. Linky and post a Sunday Satchel post each Sunday and encourage others to do the same and all link up on her blog. And I especially want to encourage Jennifer S (you know who you are) to participate because she always has the most exciting things in her Satchel.

So... in case she does... here's my very first Sunday Satchel post. Looking forward to many more! (and if they fall on a "Helpful Hints" day, then I'll post both)
The basic idea is to dump out your purse (Satchel) or man-purse (Tommy) and list everything that was in it...
 Take pictures if you'd like. Also? Then clean it out before re-filling.
I am at a conference, so mine contains a little more than usual.
Laptop, mouse, camera, batteries, pink Carolina Girl T for my friend, wallet, lotion, pens, lipstick I haven't worn in 2 years, floss, hairspray, chapsticks, glasses, pencil bag, moleskine, conference guide, Beta motorcycle pamphlet, gum, empty water bottle, 5 bent up paper clips, and a baggie of business cards.
Now, your turn. What's in your satchel? And if you're a designer, want to make Blogging Butter a button/badge for Sunday Satchel posts? KThanks.

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Poof said...

Whoa. Blogging Butter removed her Sunday Satchel post. I'm so disappointed.