Mar 18, 2011

Mama, Remember That Time You Spanked Tommy in the Van?

The rod and rebuke give wisdom,
But a child left to himself brings shame to his mother.

I was a spanking parent when necessary.
NOT a reach around a swat your child parent.
NOT a beat the crap out of your child parent....
But a talk about what they did wrong and quickly enforce a consequence parent.
It worked.
Most of the time.

My kids always knew when my disciplinary measures were limited like, for example, when I was driving, tied to the steering wheel and the highway.  They could get away with a lot when I was driving.  Kids know when they have a little leeway, when mama's preoccupied, it's some kind of animal instinct they're born with.

But I remember one day when Tommy pushed it too far.

I hit the brakes, got out of the van, opened his door and told him to get out.  I told him to bend over, he was getting two good spankings.   Now, I never spanked with my hands.  Mama's hands were for lovin', not spankin'.  I usually had a wooden spoon or paddle, but on this trip, it was missing.
So I pulled off my shoe.
He bent over.
I popped him twice.  
We both bent over laughing.

He was wearing all his football pads and didn't feel a thing.


Mom said...

Bloomin' kids are always one step ahead of us parents! I remember that story, what a hoot. I'm afraid you got the hand, wooden spoons are too expensive and, after all, the spankin' is lovin' too and just look how great you turned out! So proud of all my kids. You're a terrific mamma Val.

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that! My method in the car was to reach around and pinch behind their knees. The Flash and Bunk don't like to ride in the car with me now for this reason - well, I think that's why.