Mar 1, 2011

Sandlapper Enduro, Salley, SC AMA Nationals

I spent the day Sunday with Nick Fahringer:

OK, so no, I only spent about 3 minutes with him. But he zigged and zagged past me all day long as he ran the Sandlapper and I sneaked thru the woods photographing the event like a crazed stalker.

I'm not really a stalker (honest!), it actually is my job to follow the enduro racing world and report on it.
That's not really stalking, is it?
Even if it includes hiding in the woods snapping pictures?

Because if I wasn't hiding, I'd get run over & kilt or something....

Aren't these photos great?  I was so happy with them.
Go over to to read the story here.  I found out I can't copy it and put it here, word for word, because Google frowns on that.  And I sure don't want Google to frown on me.

For more great reads on the Sandlapper from riders themselves, click here and here.

I saw this sign at the restaurant where we ate lunch. 
I thought it coincidentally appropriate.

These guys were from Wisconsin and had to go back to snow.
BTW, I met a lot of Twitter friends here, including these.  See, mom?  Not all Twitter people are stalkers or crazed murderers.

This (below) is Brett's new bike.  It's a Gas Gas. 
See, I know it's his bike, because I saw it clearly as he passed me, left me walking 1 mile in high heels while he just rode leisurely past.
Speaking of Gas Gas....  I'm sure you all remember my Gas Gas post.
The Enduro.
I would never do something this stupid, but I sure love it.
Of course, well, there was the shale pit and my Suzuki days....
and playing baseball on dirt bikes....
Matt? Julie? Lisa? Fond memories?

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Anonymous said...

These r really great pix!!

I do miss the mini-bike dayz,fond memories,but nor too many scars!
Thank Heavens!