Mar 4, 2011

Big Dreams on a Shoelace Budget

Tom S. dreams big.
When we met and married in college, he was full of Big Dreams.
26 years later, he is still full of it them.
We're often working on one dream while he has 2-3 simmering on the back burner.
Tom's Big Dreams always require some assistance.

And then sometimes professional assistance.


But this one particular dream that's coming back to me today . . . 
was actually Patti's dream that Tom adopted.  Patti got interested in horses, riding and competing at shows. She bought her a horse, then a few more, and Tom decided to build his little girl a barn.

He called in the best of the best to help.

And figured out we could tear down a century old house on our property and use that lumber to build the new barn.  So the tearing down commenced.


 The wood was hauled several thousand feet to our new location and re-assembled in the shape of a barn.
Which was pretty good for a city fella that knew little about hammers and nails and such.

The only mishap was near the end of construction, doing the roofing.
They'd worked hard all day in the hot southern sun.
Tom straightened up and rubbed his back after a particularly long spell of work, sweat dripped from his brow.  He took a step to begin some new work only to find
he was stuck.
Tom had, quite accidentally....

... nailed his shoelace to the roof of the barn.