Apr 1, 2011

April Fool's Prank for a Teen Driver

It was April Fools' Day of Marj's Senior year in high school.  Tom and I thought about it the day prior and set things up good.  We enlisted a friend of his from work to impersonate a police officer via telephone (is that illegal?).  During the night, while Marj slept the sleep of a babe, we moved her truck and hid it behind the barn.

In the morning, her father left for work like normal and I sat by the door drinking my coffee.  She flew by me in a hurry, backpack dragging behind, keys dangling, pocketbook flying.  Yelling "goodbyehaveaniceday," she let the door slam behind her.

I smiled and sipped my coffee.

I could hear her slam to a stop.  Pause.  I could hear her thinking.  She looked this way.  That way.  Dropped her backpack.  Slowly came back in the house.

"Where's my truck?!!!" . . .

"Huh?"  Slurp coffee.  "In the driveway?"

"Ummm, NO, it's NOT," she sarcastically and impatiently yelled.  "Did dad take it?"

"Of course not.  He took his car, didn't he?  Is his car out there?"

"No."  She's panicking now.  Jittery.  Eyes blinking massively, face reddening.    It didn't take her long to get into a full rage.  She was already late for school.  Right about then the phone rang.  I answered and the caller asked for the owner of the truck so I handed it to Marj with a questioning look.  The caller said he was the police and they found a truck they believe is hers, but it's stripped and hard to tell.  Everything inside is stripped and the truck has been burned, tires and plate gone.

He couldn't even get through his lines before she was screaming and crying, huge crocodile tears, shaking with the adreneline rush, face deathly pale.  I grabbed the phone, told Gary it was over and hung up.  I grabbed Marj and tried to explain it was just a joke, an April Fool's joke for crying out loud, the truck is fine!

She didn't respond well.

She had to go to school and tell the administrators why she was late.  I think that was the last April Fool's joke I ever played.  How about you?


Rick said...

Nice. Mine have been typically written/blogged. Like 2006 when I posted about the llama in our yard. Or 2005, when we didn't want to tell our folks we were moving to San Mateo, CA. One year, I won $45K in the lottery. Good times. No one believes anything I write on 04/01 anymore.

Fern said...

I remember one year when we were on our way to your house for Easter break and we had stopped in VA overnight and it happened to be April Fool's day, so Brad made a call to his Mom pretending he was the VA police and told her that they had her son in custody, she freaked out and then he said April Fools.