Apr 20, 2011

Carnival Dream, Eastern Caribbean Cruise

My parents took us on a cruise to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. It was such a great week! Thanks, mom and dad!

Carnival Dream:  Typical of the Carnival fleet.  Tons of activities for all ages, very loud and active, but you can find quiet places. It's a perfect place for a family reunion - do your own thing all day and come together for dinner each night.  There is an upper deck "Serenity," no children allowed, soft music plays, nice cabanas and the lounge chairs are nicer.  Serenity is often overpacked though, maybe the next Carnival ship will offer a larger place for peace and quiet.  The food is plentiful with great variety, but on the Dream it was rather bland and flavorless, except for the warm chocolate melting cake!  The Carnival Glory's food tasted much better.  Internet access was great, but you have to pay extra for that. The ship is clean and beautiful.  The service and staff is excellent.


Marjorie said...

I love how you filmed throughout the week so sneakily so nobody even knew you were filming lol it makes it so un acted and real!

Poof said...

Yeah. I edited out any parts where people "smiled" for the camera for 2 minutes before saying, "Oh, you're filming?"