Is he the king of garbage or what?

Little by little, week by week, he nibbled away at that ratty structure until it was totally TRASHED.

Guess my plan to write about something other than garbage has gone awry. I'll just leave you with one last thought, an analysis of of how to determine what to call the stuff you are throwing away:

Debris is the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up.
Garbage is food that is discarded or useless.
Trash is worthless material that is to be disposed.

Jim cleaned out a shed in our back yard. Talk about trash! Our garbage collection was on Monday morning, but we discovered that if we put things from the shed at the end of the driveway by Saturday morning, there was never anything left for the garbage men come Monday. Guess the definition of USEFUL THINGS varies from household to household.

After the sad looking shed was empty, Jim began dismantling it, bit by bit. He would cram what he could into an extra trash pail or two and leave it for the Monday Men. Who knew you could put a shed out for the trash? Jim did it.