Apr 14, 2011

TroutU: The Perfect Fly

Trout Season has opened!  Gotta love Spring.  Let me introduce you to Trout University, a great place to get your fishing information - classes, stream reports, secrets & tips, and tried-n-true fishing products including.... drumroll please.... Perfect Flies.
The most realistic flies around. As they say,
"At the end of every rainbow lies a Perfect Fly."

Why Use Perfect Flies?

– Perfect Flies were born of a nationwide study of rivers and streams, and the
aquatic life in them. The findings of this study have resulted in
targeted fly patterns that accurately mimic specific insect species
in their specific stages of development. This is a significant and
innovative break from traditional fly patterns that are merely
generic representations of aqu
atic insects. Bottom line:
You're going to catch more trout, because your flies precisely match
the insects in the stream.

Attention to detail, coupled with innovative materials, makes Perfect
Flies the most lifelike flies on the market. These flies are designed
to precisely imitate the actual insect, not just to be a hook with
feathers on it. The result: You’ll fool more fish, because
your flies look like they're real, not just feathers and fur.

Detailed information on the real insect's life cycle, habits, and
specifically how to fish the corresponding Perfect Fly for maximum
success is included in each fly's description. This means you
will have all the information you need to fish the flies for the best

Reordering – Perfect
Flies can be ordered on troutu.com in whatever quantities and
combinations you desire, including in fly collections, with just a
couple of clicks. Save a trip to the fly shop, and have the flies
delivered to your door.
Visit my buddies at TroutU and order your flies today!  
Youtube: TroutUProf

Disclaimer:  Broadstreet Consulting built the TroutU Website.  I am a partner at Broadstreet and TroutU is a customer of ours.  But really, they are some great people and I received no monetary compensation to publish this post.

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