May 22, 2011

How Old Is Your Medicine Cabinet?

I have a fun, FUN game for you today.
Which is older:

or This?

If you guessed the Hismanol is older than the college kid,
you are correct!!

I visited my parents recently and within 15 minutes, my allergies hit me hard.
My eyes and nose were running and itchy like never before.
Or not recently anyway.
In my teary voice, I asked my daddy for some medicine before THIS got any worse:

Dad brought out his arsesenal:
  • Hismanal
  • Sinarest
  • Benadryl
I knew, from previous experience, that I should check the expiration dates at the house of my parents.  So Marj donned her glasses and helped me out with that.

Put these items in the correct chronological order now while I play the gameshow music.

Correct answers:
  1. Sinarest, expired '89
  2. Hismanal, expired '90
  3. Benadryl, expired '10
People, please.  Before you get hurt, go ahead and clean out your medicine cabinet.  Go ahead and make it a fun game.  Nothing like a little wholesome family fun.  I bet the Ingalls used to do this on family night.

Oh - what did I end up taking?  He gave me an un-expired Musinex.  At least in the old days with the old meds?  The pills were either small enough to swallow or else you simply took two.  I don't know how I swallowed this:


Mom said...

You KNOW I can't throw anything away, I might need it some day!

Ruth said...

You've gotta be kidding Midge! All that stuff either is worthless by now or not safe to use.

CHUCK them all! Quick!!

Anonymous said...


Most of mine r this size,and I never have been able to take them very good. I HATE PILLS!!
Wether they r in date-or-not!!