May 9, 2011

What To Get a 6 Year Old

Eva's 6th birthday came and went.  It was, as you can see, big news in town.

Everything we did on the day before her birthday was prefaced with "This is the last time I'll do this as a 5 year old."  Heavy sigh.  A very dramatic day....

Eva made me a list of things I could buy her for her birthday.  Looking back, I suspect it was simply a list of words she could sound out and write without assistance:
  • Plate
  • Hat
  • Cats
  • TV
So when I got to "Fake Hair," I shouldn't have taken it literally, it's just something she could spell.  But I got it and it turned out to be a smashing party toy.

That Eva put on and wouldn't take off for days.  She loves her fake ponytail.   I love hearing my daughter preparing her for bed at night.  "Brush your teeth.  Put on your jammies.  Take off your wig..."

Turns out, it was the best birthday present ever.
Who knew?


mom said...

She is such a character, never know what's coming next! Love that little rascal.

Anonymous said...

Love U pretty young thang---

Hope u have many more birthdays!!

By the way--U.Tommy looks REALLY cul in long black hair!!