Jun 1, 2011

Cupcake, Punta Gorda, FL

I found the most wonderful Cupcake shop I've ever come across – Sugar Island Cupcake in the T-tiny town of Punta Gorda, FL. (332 Sullivan Street, 941.639.3030)

My sister-in-law and I were driving ferociously towards the Peace River Bridge when she suddenly remembered my proclivity to reviewing cupcake shops.  “Hey!” She screamed, “We need to stop at the Cupcake Shop!”  
“Where is it?” 
“Right there!!”
And she pointed right down the street to our right. 

At that speed, the shop was just a blue blur, but I slammed the brakes, hit the blinker and took a hard right.  We got the Mazda slowed down just enough by the time we reached the adorable blue house.

Being in post-race euphoria, hair askew, we weren't quite thinking clearly as we entered the dark building.  The sign said “Will reopen at 11."  It was then 2:00 and the door was unlocked, so in we walked.  No clue the sign meant 11 on Monday.  No clue the sign below said “Closed Saturday.” 

With our eyes adjusting to the dark, Kath commented “It needs to be more presentable if they want to sell cupcakes.”  I got an eerie Twilight Zone feeling about the place and inched forward slowly.  And that's when I saw the most beautiful cupcakes in the world!

A cupcake for a princess! 

Can you believe these things?!  Kath and I stood in awe in the dark, our big white eyeballs expanding.   Below these beauties, we found regular cupcakes – coconut cream, red velvet and carrot cake.   We began pawing at the ground anxiously like a horse at feeding time.

That's when the Twilight Zone feeling became a Friday-the-13th feeling as we heard someone approaching from the back in a stealthy fashion.   It was the baker.  And we scared her.   She gasped and shakily set down a huge box of cupcakes.

She gasped.  “We're closed.  What are you doing?
Kath and I began to droop.
Kath mumbled, “We wanted to buy a cupcake.”  

“Oh!” The Baker smiled.  “We're not open on Saturdays and I'm taking these cupcakes to a wedding.”

We were devastated.  Then the Baker nodded, “Well, OK, I can give you each one of these wedding cupcakes, how's that?”  She opened the giant box, selected two and put them in individual cupcake-to-go containers that were just as adorable as the storefront!

These containers were awesome, I was more excited about them than the cupcakes.  All cupcake shops should package their individual to-go orders like this.   The highlights:
  • Clear
  • Sturdy
  • Slot for the cupcake to sit securely
  • Prongs to hold the cupcake in place
She scurried us out the door like a sweet auntie with our arms full of delicious goodness and hearts full of Aren't-I-Special? 

We squirreled away the cupcakes at home and doled them out little by little.  They were Vanilla with cream filling and colored sprinkles on the top like fairy dust.

The cake was very, very light and moist.  The cream was not too sweet, just right, with a hint of cream cheese, we think.  The buttercream icing was perfect – not too heavy, nice and sweet.
Special Flavors include:  Chocolate Chip Yummy, Boston Creamers, PB&J, Strawberry Not-So-Shortcake, and more.

Sugar Island Cupcakes is a must-do if you visit the Punta Gorda area.  Just don't go on a Saturday.

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mom said...

Good thing I'll never get to Punta, FL those things look awesome! Leave it to you to walk into a closed store oh child of mine!