Jul 10, 2011

My Office

earning one's living in one's own business or through freelance work, rather than as the employee of another
working for yourself - out-of-house

My office changes daily:

I know I've been going on and on and on about how much I love my job and fist-pump my job every day.... pardon me just one other tidbit.  I can work from anywhere.  Such as Europe when Marj and I flashpack across Europe..... such as Starbucks in anytown, USA . ... such as.... dare I say it?  The beach.....

I'm very grateful to the magnificent Tom S., my partner and I know that my luck could turn on a dime and I could be in a window-less cubicle or mucking stalls or back at the McDonalds counter again some day.
But for now, I'm lovin' it.
Especially .... when it looks a little something like this...

 The Drawback:   it also means I'm never "off."  I never actually clock-out, I'm always ready to go and working whenever the need arises.  So, see, there are some pitfalls.  But the other day?
The other day I was LOVING my job.
Fresh Air.  Sunshine.
Mowers mowing.
Sheep baa-ing.
Big engines roaring.
And my office looked a little something like this:

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