Jul 1, 2011

Previously Seen On July 4...

July 4th is approaching and I can't help but think back to July 4th of previous years.

This was the year my family came down, including Cousin David on what might have been his last journey down before allergies started keeping him away.  We loaded in the back of our tiny Ford Ranger pick-up truck and went to pick corn (or maybe that's what keeps him away).  We filled the back of that little truck and brought it back to the house to be shucked.  Rene' and her mom and kids were down that year so we huddled them around the wheelbarrow (look -- no rust!!) and had them shuck it all.

And then, of course, I think back to all the years we went up to Bryson City on July 4 for camping, fishing and tubing........
  I sure miss those days.  The water would still be ice cold!   We'd camp at the same place, making way too much noise after dark by playing card games at the shelter and almost getting kicked out.  We'd tube down the creek all day, not even stopping to eat.  Then we'd collapse around the fire.
Those were the days, my friend.

Happy July 4th to you and yours!


Mom said...

Those WERE the days and I sure miss 'em. Doubt I could tube down that creek at my age but sure would love to be sitting under a tree by the stream watching you guys. Ahhhhhhhhhh why does life pass by so fast.

Anonymous said...

These WERE the good ole days--
I really MISS them!!

Happy July 4th everyone!!

Fern said...

Miss our time, it was so long ago, look how little Tucker was!!! I think that was the year I left Brad home for a week so he could do our kitchen floor!!!