Jul 17, 2011

Weird Al Talks to Tim Siedell about The Creative Process

Tim Siedell (twitter.com/badbanana) recently interviewed Al Yankovic who just released his 13th album "Alpocalypse.".   Everything Siedell does is perfect and this interview is fantastic.  As Siedell and Yankovic discussed the state of creativity in our high-tech world, Weird Al gave us a little peek into his creative process.

"...One other trick that works for me is the unlikely juxtaposition of style and subject matter.  I keep a list of musical genres and iconic artists, and another list of subjects that I think would be fun to write about.... and then I'll match up entries between the two columns in a way that seems amusing to me.  That's how I came to write one of the original songs on my new album.  I decided I wanted to write a song in the style of The Doors, and I went down my subject list until I came to the word "Craigslist" -- and it just struck me as funny to think of Jim Morrison singing about that.  It was just so anachronistic... so wrong on so many levels."

See? Good stuff!  You're nodding, "Ahhh, so that's how he does it!"  Now we can all do it.

Read the full interview at Cannes Centrale Blog

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