Aug 26, 2011

Cocky Supports Midlands First Responder Memorial

It's nice to see Cocky out and about, hob-knobbing with Columbia's movers and shakers.  It's even nicer when it's a fund raiser and Cocky reveals his generous, compassionate side.  Cocky attended the SC First Responder Memorial fundraiser along with USC's baseball coach, Ray Tanner Thurs. 8/25.

“The First Responders memorial is one of the single greatest things happening in this area since I’ve been here,” Tanner said as he spoke to a crowd in excess of 350. “We have so many heroes, and in our world, we sometimes make mistakes on who our heroes really are,” Read more: Tanner Talks Real Heroes, The State

Tommy presented Tanner his hand-etched black granite gamecock etching at the fundraiser dinner last night......
Tanner followed suit and presented Tommy a personalized autographed baseball.  Awwww.. best buds.

I'm so proud of Tommy for his role in the First Responders Memorial, but more than that, as a parent, I'm so happy to see him with a job he loves and where he can use his talent.  It's so difficult right now for college grads and young adults to get any kind of job, let alone a job that suits them well, I'm very grateful that Tommy has been provided with one and it's very exciting to see all that he gets to participate in. 

The Midlands First Responders Remembrance Memorial will honor the midlands firefighters, law officers, military men and women and medics who have given their lives in the line of duty since the 9/11 attack. The memorial will feature two large twisted beams taken from Ground Zero in NY and will be placed next to the convention center in the Vista, Columbia. Pelion stone carver, Ron Clamp of Memorial Designs has been commissioned to carve the monument.

This photo is a sneak preview of the incomplete memorial.

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Mimi said...

I'm so proud of my grandson's accomplishments, he's so good at his job and he loves it how much more can you ask for.