Aug 24, 2011

SC First Responders Remember 911

You may have noticed some work going on next to the Convention Center in the Columbia Vista, right in front of the famous Adluh flour building.  This will be a first responders memorial in honor and memory of the generosity and dedication of first responders in the nine county SC Midlands area.  The memorial will feature the names of  first responders from the nine county SC Midlands area that have died since the 9/11 terrorist attack.  The Wagener Salley area will have more first responders on the memorial than any other city in the nine county area.  No other town has sacrificed more than the Wagener Salley area.  Those from our area that will be memorialized on the monument include Jason Moski, Jeffrey Swartz, Albert Gunter, Sgt. Jason Sheppard, and CPL Matthew Dillon.....

Fundraising continues for the memorial and they hope to have enough funds to complete the memorial by 9/11/11, the tenth anniversary of the attack.

A fundraising dinner will be held Thursday night, 8/25/11, in Columbia with guest speaker Ray Tanner, two time national champion coach of the USC baseball team.  My son Tommy Sliker will present Coach Tanner with a special design he hand etched and then several of these designs will be auctioned off to support the memorial.   Here's a photo of the project when he first started:

Tommy works for Ron Clamp of Memorial Designs.  Clamp is a world renowned master stone carver and Tommy carves for Clamp under the Memorial Designs flagship.  I remember when they first contracted to do the design for the First Responders Memorial in Columbia, it was very exciting to hear the ideas and goals for this memorial. 

More Information:
First Responders Remembrance Memorial Groundbreaking

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