Sep 30, 2011

The Best Cleaner to Clean Your Stainless Steel Sink

Guest Writer:  Ruth Morse
I had a milestone birthday last week. It was not one of those that end in ZERO. This birthday put me at the speed limit for most interstates.  I sure hope you don’t live in a state where the spend limit is 75! I don’t hit that for another 10 years.

Back when I turned 60, sometimes people would say, “You sure don’t look that old!”

Something depressing has happened in the last five years....... 
No one says that any more! I guess I should be grateful that people don’t gasp and mutter, “I sure thought you were older than that!”

This is a picture of Jim and me taken a couple of months ago. Yes, are wearing name tags. No, this was not taken at home. It has not come to that!


All of this intro information is to tell you that I cannot seem to come up with long lists of helpful hints. I barely came up with one suggestion, so take it or leave it. TADA! Here it is:

Clean your stainless steel sink with a Magic Eraser!

Y’all probably have been doing that for years. But not me! I was grumbling over why my kitchen sink was looking more and more wretched. I tried window/multi-surface cleaner and the sink looked the same, if not worse. I tried Awesome Cleaner [a buck a bottle at Dollar Tree and this stuff is generally awesome—hence the name—but did nothing awesome in the stainless sink].

One day I had the bright idea of wiping it down with a Magic Eraser.  

Yes, this thought occurred to me BEFORE the 65 milestone day. Good thing! I’ve not had a bright idea since!
Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! The sink shone like new. I was so impressed. Maybe we should eat all of our meals out and not use the sink!

Now THAT sounds like a true Senior Citizen.

...and one more thing......
uh, I'll get back to you when I remember it.
The Cheap Senior Citizen is a Guest Writer who occasionally shares helpful hints she has learned through her experience.

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Anonymous said...

Wow thanks "cheapo" I'm going to try it my sink never looks good either even right after I clean it. Holy moly YOU'RE 65?!!!!!!!!!!
Good part is, free drinks (colas now) and discounts everywhere, whoo-hoo---------you see I KNOW I've been there awhile!