Sep 7, 2011

SC Low Country: The Tidal Creeks Outside Beaufort

Trip Video at end of post. 

"You might be mad, but you won't be bored!"  Jackie called out the door to me as I headed out with Doug and B to cruise the marsh for some bait.  We were going up the creek to a mullet hole.  Doug told her,  "If we catch a big redfish, we won't be home anytime soon."

I really didn't know what we were doing, I just knew we were doing it on the water and I love the SC coast.  I'll do anything to get out on the water.  We put in the water off SC21 just before the Harbor Bridge to Hunting Island.......
  Pulling away from the shore, Doug started popping the Evinrude engine with a hammer.  "We have a slight {pound} steering {pound} malfunction," he grunted.  B squirted wd 40 between hammer thrusts.  Doug looked at me and smiled, "We're just sprucing her up a bit."

We cruised up through the creek to the Harbor Bridge, dark clouds ominous in the distance.  We found our upstate neighbors fishing under the bridge and jealously eyed their Yamaha 60 engine.  That thing was Quiet!

We began to cross the harbor, dodging the mudflats.  There's a miniscule margin of error in crossing the harbor without getting stuck.  (Learn more in my previous Beaufort, SC post)

We re-entered the marsh on the opposite side of 21 from where we put in.  It was beautiful.  I always wanted to float through these creeks.  Check us out!  All you can see is a very fine rooster tail.

The shrimp were actually jumping across the top of the water.  Herds of fiddler crabs were scrambling up the banks.  Heaven on earth.

The soft flutter of the egret's wings.  A slight breeze as the dark clouds inched closer.  Come back tomorrow and I'll show you how to cast net for shrimp.  Get you some bait and maybe even a mullet or redfish for your lunch.  I made this video to bring the marsh to life. Enjoy.

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