Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween: May Your Costume Be Better Than Mine

Happy Halloween... Errrr... Fall Festival!

 Tom and I are not dressing up this year, so if you see us, don't comment on our scary look.

We were The Lone Ranger and Tonto on the last Halloween in which we costumized.  I think we went out on a bang.

I'm too frugal to purchase or rent costumes, much to the chagrin of my children when they were young.  We always had to make a costume from crap stuff treasures we had around the house.

Like this lovely ensemble:

Don't they look thrilled?
But it was better than the year....
we made Patti become a "TV."  A big old cardboard box with the "screen" cut out so her face was the featured show. I thought it was like a news program or a weatherman.  Tom even had an old electric TV cord coming out the back.  I made him tape up the prongs on the end with duct tape so nobody would try to plug her in. 

This photo is of me and Tom on our very first Halloween together.  Again, not too shabby, huh?  It kinda scared me they way he enjoyed being a female.  But I still married him.

Crappy Costumes are in my genes.  No, I mean homemade costumes are in my genes.  My parents did a better job of it than I.  One year, as a kid, I was a mummy in a coffin.  The costume looked great, no doubt, but it meant I had to lie still all night long and I totally missed the party except when someone would come over and poke me and say, "Wow, that looks real."  or "Is someone in there?  For real?"

My sister, though, she had a great time at the party -- she was an apple tree.  Brown leotards, green billowy blouse with apples hanging by strings from her arms.  Now that was a hoot.

What were some of your costumes?


Anonymous said...

You know,I think I still resemble a tree,without dressing out!!!!

Happy happy,Halloween,to everyone down there!!!!

Mom said...

Dad and I went as a tooth and tooth fairy once, Superman and Wonderwoman once. I,too, was in a coffin once------you see we had fun too we weren't always old "fuddy duddies"!

Poof said...

Mom, You guys also did the Haunted House throughout our basement once and in the upstairs of the church. That was awesome. I seem to remember one party with Pastor Jones in lingerie. Could that be true?