Oct 12, 2011

Kid.... Dy-No-Mite!!

You'll never guess who I found:

Don't recognize him?
Let me try another photo:

Kid Dy-No-Mite!!!

 Who used to gather each week in the '70s to watch Good Times?  I bet you are smiling as you read this, so many funny memories of Florida and James Walker trying to raise their kids with JJ "Kid DynoMite!" and his delusional big dreams.  I saw Jimmie Walker recently on ABC's The View.  His Good Times sister, Thelma, was with him.  It was a very cool show that day.

More on Jimmie J.J. Walker:
Read his Bio - very interesting rise to fame for a high school drop out from the ghetto
Check his Schedule - find out where you can catch his act
Shop JJ - Get an autographed picture

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