Oct 28, 2011

A Most Spectacular Moment in Parenting

My son Tommy was born a Mack Truck.  Stocky, thick, solid, a Bulldog.  He seemed to "plow through" rather than crawl.

As soon as he could walk good, he would run through a room and have everyone on the outskirts of the room throw pillows at him to try to knock him down.  He loved this.  As he got older, he lost the Mack Truck look and became one of the smaller guys in the class, a serious drawback to his football dreams.

One thing he hated, as you might expect of someone built like this and boyish is so many ways, was church clothes......

He hated to dress up, still does.  You'll find him these days in t-shirt and shorts, or if he's at work, t-shirt and jeans.

Back in 5th or 6th grade, I got a call from the school.  My kids were enrolled in a private school, a 30-minute drive each way.  I carpooled, so I only had to make the drive one time each day.

On this particular day, I took them to school, hit the gym and McDonald's and was home by 10:00 or so.  Around noon I received a call at work.  In a very clipped, controlled voice, the school secretary said,  "Mrs. S, Tommy has fallen in the mud at recess and will require a change of clothes if he is to stay in school today."

Seriously?  Too muddy to stay in school?  I asked how it happened.  She said there was a (singular) mud puddle on the basketball court.  He fell in it and apparently rolled around in it, much to the amusement of all the other kids.
I see.
I was annoyed.  He pulls a class clown bit and I'm the one who gets inconvenienced?
Suddenly I knew exactly what to do.
I went up to his room, packed up a change of clothes and drove the 30-minute drive to school.  I went in the front door, followed the mud tracks to the principal's office and found Tommy sitting there in a pile of mud crumbs.

You should have seen his cocky mud-caked smile turn into a look of abject horror when I pulled out his church clothes.  He could spend the rest of the day in a button-up shirt, dress pants and dress shoes.

Pictured below:
Dad in the back apparently cooking out
Tommy the Mack on the left, Patti, Brian, Jerrry.

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Mom said...

Val I love that story and crack up every time I hear it, so very very clever of you!!