Nov 4, 2011

The Great Pumpkin

My pumpkin post is a little late this year.  I thought it would make a nice Flashback Friday.
I love American traditions -- Easter baskets and sunrise services, Mother's day brunches or banquets, apple festivals, pumpkin picking and carving....  I love how all across the country you can find people doing these same activities around the same time of year.

"That stupid blockhead of a brother of mine is out in the pumpkin patch making his yearly fool of himself." - Lucy Van Pelt

(pictured:  Tommy, circa 1999)
Picking your pumpkin is a very difficult decision, not to be made in haste.
One must examine every detail, size it up, look for imperfections....

(pictured:  Jerry, circa 1999)

Bringing that baby home, laying it out on a sheet and slicing it artistically requires focus.

(Pictured: Patti, Jerry, Uncle Steve {world's greatest uncle}, Tommy and Brian)

Scooping all the gunk out was my least favorite part.  That was nasty.  We cooked the pumpkin seeds a few times, throwing them out a few days later.  Here's Tom and Patti when she was about 2 or 3:

Fall activities in SC  (better late than never?)

What did you carve in your pumpkin?

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Anonymous said...

That's a fine looking flannel jacket I've got there -- it's a little torn up now (23 years later) but still my favorite!

Tom S