Nov 20, 2011

Grilled Cheese Academy

You won't believe what I just found.....

The freakin' Grilled Cheese Academy, that's what.......

I know, right?  Who knew?!  The site is awesome -- Sandwich Directory, Cheese Index, Recipe Gallery -- and even a place to submit your own recipe.  I had a little trouble with the search feature, it would not bring up The Big Sal for me.  Then I had trouble in the Gallery of Deliciousness. I'm hoping it was a problem with my browser and not the site.

Go to the cheese index.  Pick out a cheese you like and click on it.  It'll give you info. on the cheese AND link you to recipes that include that cheese.   That's how, my friend, I found The Marco -- it's what happens when Wisconsin Provolone and Parmesan double date with tomato sauce and fried chicken breast cutlet.  

And the Dominique?  Well, if I make that, I can use my mortar and pestle for the walnut pesto! 

This site is just too good to be true.  Somebody pinch me.  How do you like your grilled cheese?

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