Nov 22, 2011

Simply Inspired Freschetta Pizza: Tasty Tuesday

The great folks at Freschetta sent me a coupon for a free pizza.  Tom went to the store and picked one up and you'll never in a hundred years guess which one he bought:


Vegetable pizza.  Two words that we both would never in our dreams, ever put together........
  We're talking about Tom S., Supreme Judge of New York Style Pizza and inventor of the New York Pizza Finder, enabling travelers everywhere to find New York style pizza wherever their travels take them.  He picked up a Simply Inspired Vegetable Pizza

At this point, I just wasn't simply inspired.  My Simply Inspired vegetable pizza sat in the freezer for awhile.  Then one dark, lonely night, we pulled it out and cooked it up.

The pizza was fantastic.  Thin crispy crust.  Little yummy chunks of tomato.  Strange veggies that tasted good because they were part of something bigger.  Those of you who know me will find this hard to believe.  You are going to think that because I'm a Freschetta Blogger, I am simply promoting their product, but that's not true.  I hope you know me well enough to know that my reviews are authentic, I say what I really think.  And I think you should try one of these vegetable pizzas and get some vegetables in your system for a change.

  1. Go to Freschetta and get your dollar-off coupon.
  2. Buy and eat your pizza.
  3. Submit your review to Freschetta and you just might win a Visa card.   

The product in this review was given free of charge. My opinions are my honest, tried-and-true views and were not influenced by any source. I was not compensated monetarily to advertise this campaign.

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