Nov 10, 2011

Tips to Enjoy a Food Truck Lunch

I've been eager to try out a "Food Truck" and today presented the best opportunity.

Food trucks are popular right now.  I think it's a great idea -- food you love brought to a location near you and served like fast food.  And with social media, it's actually a viable business option.  The food trucks show up anywhere and everywhere.  Social media enables them to get the word out.  They can tweet and facebook where they are at what time of day and any followers who are hungry can show up and get their fill.

So I gave it a try.

I looked around Twitter to see where food trucks would be for a lunch hour in Columbia, SC....
  It was difficult, they weren't as vocal as usual on this particular day.  There's even a Twitter account for Columbia Food Trucks, but they hadn't tweeted anything since Oct. 4 and it was now Nov. 8.

I tweeted "Hello?? {tap, tap} Anybody there ?" 
They responded:  " It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!"
Then they tweeted:  "Hey - is hungry! Where r u?"

OK, I can dig that.  They know I'm hungry and they are searching for assistance from local food trucks.

By then, I had found a food truck on my own:  2Fat2Fly stuffed chicken wings food truck.

I know, right?  Stuffed chicken wings???
What the world?

They were serving chicken wings stuffed with either Turkey Dressing, Mac-n-Cheese, Jalapeno-n-Bacon, or Parmesan.  I got the turkey dressing and mac-n-cheese ones.  The Turkey dressing was pretty good, the mac-n-cheese was kind of bland.  But really, I just wanted to know: how do they stuff those things??

It was not a great experience.  It was 4 of us for lunch.  We had no place to sit and eat since the food truck met on the side of the highway.  The food truck was down to only 2 kinds of drinks:  Sierra Mist and Orange Crush.  Nothing else.  (It was only 12:20pm)

Next to the highway was a railroad track.  Three times, people, THREE times a train came by and tooted it's madly loud horn.  And the other noise preventing any good lunch conversation belonged to the Food Truck's generator.

So...we were sitting on a truck tailgate, trying to visit while eating, sitting next to a loud generator with cars going by at 50 mph and a train every 15 minutes or so.  It was not pleasant.  In fact, I think my words were "I'll never do this again."  To which, everyone responded, "What?"

I spoke too harsh.
I will do it again.
But... on my next visit to a food truck.... I will:
  • Take the food to a nearby park or pleasant eating area
  • Unfold lawn chairs from my trunk and get comfortable
  • Have my own drink in a cooler
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