Dec 18, 2011

Port Charlotte, FL Church

I'm propped up in my bed on a Sunday morning, tissues, books, computer all around me.  Sniffle, cough, ache.  I don't feel good and I sort of want my mommy to feel my forehead and fuss over me.  It's Sunday morning and I am missing church.  I am thinking about my new church, a church plant in a nearby community that Tom is helping out to get their music ministry started.  I am thinking of the children there who will perform their Christmas musical today.  I am thinking of my home church where my daughters and BFFs attend and my pastor's wife is about to explode with new life.  But mostly I am thinking of last week at this time, the church I got to visit and the message about our Padre Eterno, Principe da paz Everlasting Father, who always seems especially close when I am curled up in bed with a cup of coffee.

A few weeks ago in my Florida Tour I managed to get back to one of my favorite churches -- Edgewater United Methodist Church.  This church meets in a former movie theater which always appeals to my creative side.

Our 9:30 Sunday a.m. service was packed out.   It was a contemporary service.  They currently offer three Sunday monring services, one of which is traditional.  They also offer a Saturday evening service which we almost attended.  I've never had a Satruday night worship service and was interested to see how it felt. They will have three Christmas Eve services (!) and one Christmas Day service with a potluck following. Interesting, huh?   They offer a thrift store, bike ministry, recovery ministry, lots of kids ministries, promise keepers, ladies clubs, etc.  divorce care, food pantry..... Does your church reach out to the community like that?

You know when you visit a church there are times you immediately feel like family and then some times you never feel quite comfortable?   This church has always felt like home to me.  This church and a church in Nashville I'll never forget.

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Mom said...

I'm so sorry you're sick, was afraid after all that work you'd wind up in bed! Wish I was there to help you, rest!!!