Jan 28, 2012

Breaking News: Kwik Karry Closes

This is huge.
This is big....
.... Real Big....

Kwik Karry Restaurant closed its doors today.
I've been getting "My Usual" there for 20 years.  
What the world?

Remember when we saw Santa there!?
Remember when the Cafe' came to town?  Even that didn't shut the Kwik Karry down, in fact, the Cafe' closed already.
Remember the back and forth smoking/no-smoking issues? And our side won?
Remember when I found the Kwik Karry of Louisiana?
Not familiar with the Kwik Karry?

What is your Kwik Karry experience?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The end of the "We care a whole lot about how low you wear your pants, but don't give a hoot(or Hoyt)about how you want your eggs and sausage (instead of the pancakes and bacon you ordered)" Era...too bad.