Feb 16, 2012

Blissdom 2011 Take-Away

My Take-Away from Blissdom 2011
Scott Stratten from UnMarketing
And, no, I don't have any photos.  I met him, I listened to him, I quoted him, I learned from him, but still . . . no photos.  Scott on Twitter.  Scott's epithetUnMarketing.com.  You can find plenty of photos online somewhere.  Especially some of Scott UnDancing at our Girls Night In.
My take-aways from Blissdom2011:

  • Be Awesome.  Write Awesome.  Awesome goes viral.  Nobody reads a post where you've said, “I don't have anything to say! But it's thursday, I have to blog!”  People don't spread "meh," they spread "awesome."
  • Marketing is not a job, a task or a "to-do" item, everytime you talk to someone, you are marketing.
  • Don't over SEO stuff. Don't write stuff that's good for SEO and not good for readers. Nobody says “this article stinks, but the headline is so SEO rich, I'm gonna tweet it.”
  • When you ask the world to come, the world will come, including those on day-passes.  Learn to take criticism, how to react (one-to-one, not on twitter), don't use comment moderation to control.  For the day-passers, the complete jerks, use the delete key, for all else, deal with it, respond  reasonably, learn. The more you give your currency to trolls, the less you have to give to people who matter.
  • Make it easily mobile.  Have a mobile-enabled site.  The best part?  Scott pronounces mobile "mo-bile."
  • Only 1-3% of your readers will comment, don't be discouraged.
  • Corporations don't help people, people help people.  People don't care about your business until they know you care about them.  Interact, Engage, Build.
  • Twitter should be nearly 75% @ replies.

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