Feb 26, 2012

Change Starts Now, Blissdom 2012

Blissdom12 has ended.
The pampering is over.
The hard work begins.

Perhaps the Bliss Chicks create the pampering
to ease the difficult message that slips in through the sessions:

 Quality is hard work.
Change is hard work.
Being the Best You is hard work.
Integrity is hard work.

I have a gift.
Not everybody can do what I do.
- the triumphant @jeffgoins

There is an inverse relationship between creating and reacting.
In the 80/20 reality of life, I don't want reacting to be the 80%.
I want to be creating 80%.
Reacting 20%.
- @jeffgoins
“In six words, what does your creative heart look like right now?”
-  the serene Ananda Leeke, @digitalsisterhd

Straightline on a hospital monitor, silent.
- the depleted Me, @vsliker

Sometimes we don't see what our actions will set into motions.
Your dream is big.
Just take some steps into it.
- the magnificent @jonacuff


Rachel said...

I never thought of it like that :-)

The learning is amazing and powerful and changing... the pampering is pretty spectacular :)

Ananda Leeke said...

Thanks for mentioning the six-word memoir exercise from my BlissDom conference session. Loved your photo too. Keep shining.

Poof said...

Rachel, it sure was a great weekend.
Ananda, it was great to meet you and thanks so much for your class - you know you touched a lot of women's hearts.