Feb 28, 2012

Dr. Praeger's Vegie Burger

This Tasty Tuesday takes a turn toward the unusual.  I tasted a yummy, all natural, vegie burger recently at a sponsor's booth at the Blissdom Conference.  I've been looking for ways to get healthier and the vegie burger smelled delish, so I ambled over and got a sample.

Dr. Praeger's vegie burger looked the part -- skinny and speckled with red, yellow and/or green specks.  I opted to put my burger in a wrap instead of a bun.  I added a couple pickles and a squirt of mayo.

It was excellent!  I was very happy.....
  Of course it's not as tasty as a juicy (fat) quarter pound angus beef burger, but it's perfectly satisfying and very delicious.  I will be buying some of these and trying them out more.  Find them in your frozen food section.

I was not asked to promote this product.  I received nothing for this review.  

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