Tuesday, March 6

AMA National Enduro Round 3, Sandlapper 2012


The Sandlapper came to town this past Saturday.

Two or three of the national enduros come close enough to my home that I can go watch them.  I used to cover them for The Race Shop out of Atlanta, but The Race Shop closed its doors a couple of weeks ago.

Now I just go to the enduros for fun and to visit some of the guys I've met along the way....

Buttrick, Baylor and Lafferty took the podium.

The eight-time champ, Mike Lafferty is making quite a comeback this year for an old guy.  By old I mean younger than me, older than the young guns winning these days.

: a spirit of friendly good-fellowship existing among comrades

Gotta love the excitement at the start.
Days of rain made the reputably tight course slippery.
The first test was nasty, the others a little drier.

Entering the woods..... 
... anything is possible at this point.

By woods I mean this:

Welcome to the SC pines.
The Loblolly
The Longleaf

Down in the valley, they got a breather from the dense pines.

 And traded it for swamp.

Don't you love the rider and the kids exchanging a glance?
So cute.

Next Up:  AMA National Enduro Round 4:
Westpoint, TN
April 22

Here's our video from the National Enduro Season Opener, you may have already seen this:


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