Mar 23, 2012

The Greatest Generation: Feat. Jim Sliker

"He was really good in Choir and believe it or not, First Aid, but really bad in History and English." 
- Pat Sliker

On a recent trip to visit my mother-in-law, she gave me another tiny glimpse of my late father-in-law, Jim Sliker.....
Amazing how little I know, sometimes, about the people closest to me.

Soon after dad died, mom moved into an assisted living complex.  She lives in the independent side and really enjoys it -- helping her neighbors and serving drinks at the Friday night socials, an oddity because she isn't a drinker and doesn't know what she's doing.

How do you live with someone 60 years and then...

When mom moved into her new apartment, we had to put a lot of her belongings in a storage facility now housed on my 20 acres.  When my husband, her son, brought the truckload home, I immediately began going through the photos, the yearbooks, the treasures.
And what do you think I found?
The report cards.
All of them.
From 1936 - 1948.
And she was right -- he was great in First Aid.  Yet I thought he was the squeamish man I ever met.

Funny thing, you know what else I found?  A report card for mom.
Read that right: 
"A" report card, only one.
I wonder if she was sneaking her report cards in the trash while her sons and daughter were boxing up the other things?

We also found some handwritten family tree notes that begin with Johan Schieicherin migrating here in 1669 and ends with my daughter Patti and nephew Scott. The Schieicherin family name blended with Swackhammers and Watters, a Watters married a Sliker in the early 1800s.  Just think, my married name was almost Swackhammer.  That'd be swell.

Family is Forever

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