Apr 29, 2012

Thomasville, Georgia

Tom and I discovered this huge tree in Thomasville, GA.  We were going from Ocala, Florida to Atlanta, GA and wanted to spend a day and night exploring some place new.  The dart landed on Thomasville....

Whose claim to fame is pretty much this big tree.
So don't miss it.

Thomasville is a quaint little town.  You can spend a day there shopping in the quirky gift shops and antique shops, then take a walking, biking or driving tour of the historic homes.  Pick up a brochure that will give you the history of each home and a small map.  Then circle back around and eat dinner at Jonah's Fish and Grits, 109 East Jackson Street.   Seriously.  Jonah's is why I'll pass through Thomasville again.  Owner Caleb Brown has an incredible story about faith, hope and healing.  Jonah's is awesome.  I got the chicken bella without mushrooms and I still have dreams about it.


mom said...

Looks like a place dad and I would love to visit, gotta put it on our calendar.

Poof said...

Yeah, I thought of you guys the whole time. You would love it.