Jul 15, 2012

How to Keep Pictures on the Wall Straight (and 6 other uses for sticky shelf liner)

Guest Writer:  Ruth Morse

You know that rubbery, sort of sticky, plasticky type of shelf liner you can buy? Love that stuff. It's really cheap, considering all the ways you can use it.

 Never have used it on a shelf, mind you! I do put it in drawers to keep things from sliding around.

 BUT! There are oodles of other uses for the stuff! Get creative with it.......
  • Stick a small square under your mixing bowl to keep it in place while you are--well, of course--mixing.
  • Keep that same small square handy in the kitchen to help you open a stubborn jar or bottle lid. Do you think they will ever develop a senior citizen's line of easy open food? There would be a HUGE market.
  • Cut a small round and place it between pots or pans when you stack them to prevent scratching. By the way, you know how to cut rounds, don't you? For a smaller size, trace around a CD if you are old fashioned enough to have one of them still around. For larger sizes, trace around a saucer, a dessert plate, a dinner plate. 'Cause if you are a tiny bit OCD like I am, having a slightly wonky circle will drive you nutso.
  • Put a piece under your computer keyboard to keep it from sliding around.
  • Cut a small rectangle and put it under the foot pedal of your sewing machine to keep it from walking all over the floor when you sew.
  • Jim was grumbling about some pant hangers that did not grip tight enough, so I glued a couple of strips to the inside part of the hangers and he is now a happy camper!
But my very fav use for this weird stuff is this:

Do you have pictures hanging on the wall that will NOT STAY STRAIGHT? This picture collage was driving me crazy.

This grouping hangs on the wall adjacent to our bedroom closet, and somehow opening and closing that door all day long meant that one or the other of the frames would be wonky. One day, in desperation, I slapped some shelf liner on the lower corner of the back of a frame.

Guess what? The pictures don't move!!!!......................................................as much.
These shots are very old pictures of my grandkids. They would have a fit to think I put them on this blog. But aren't they cute?

...and one more thing......
uh, I'll get back to you when I remember it.
The Cheap Senior Citizen is a Guest Writer who occasionally shares helpful hints she has learned through her experience.


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Midge said...

You're incredible Ruth, who would ever have thunk?!!!! Gotta try this.