Aug 5, 2012

Kids are the Best, Jerry, The BEST!

Can  I just say one thing I think is awesome? (besides Seinfeld isms)  And it's not listed on 1, either.  Although.... some pretty awesome things are listed there.   What I think is awesome is road-tripping with my daughter.

So.... we're driving down I-95 and the radio is playing the best songs from the '70's.  I know, right!?!  Best songs ever!   Of course I like them, I was in high school then, but my daughter likes them, too?  And she knows the words better than I do.

And the really, really best part?  Read this.  This is what she tweeted:
"When a song comes on & u laugh at the memories it brings to mind & u look over & ur mom is laughing at her own memories  "
She reached out and cranked it up a little.  "Is that too loud?" She says.
"No."  I cranked it up louder.  "Is that too loud?" I asked her.
"No." She cranks it up louder.  "Is that too loud?"
"No." I cranked it.... well... you get the picture.

We arrive at our hotel to find this:

I said, "Which bed do you want?"  And she let me have the clean one! Again, Awesome!....

And the tweeting? Tweeting on a road trip is just.... well... awesome.  So we're at Longhorn's for dinner and she sends me this tweet as she eye-roll-points to the table to my right:
" his date's been gone a very long time... $10 says she ditched him"   
and another tweet later:
"Jacksonville Landing is accessible by plane, boat and automobile. Which one do you want to take?" I like my options! "               

We're spending a couple days in Jacksonville while I visit the Mayo Clinic.  We went on down to Jacksonville Landing on the river to hear a Reggae band.  Unfortunately, it suddenly began raining hard.  Everyone ran off into the restaurants leaving the band looking around like "Where'd everybody go?"

BTW, if you go to Jacksonville Landing, don't eat at American Grill.  I could name about ten things that were bad about our experience there.  The only good thing was that the manager let us leave without paying -- we certainly didn't eat it, either, but I wouldn't have been surprised if he had expected me to pay.  The service was so bad it was almost comical.  Of course she tweeted about it.
"Terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible service at "
What do you like about traveling with your kids - or adult children?

Some Other Road Trips with Marj: (After looking at this list, I think I need to take my other kids on some trips)

The Loire Valley, France
Literal Road Trip:  Venice to Florence to Greve
Beaufort, SC
(Don't you like how I slipped Beufort right in there with those European cities?)


Marjorie said...

hmm do they count as road trips if we cross the ocean?

Mimi said...

She gotcha on that one Mom!