Aug 1, 2012

Where Do You Find Motivation?

We curled up on the couch, my granddaughter and I, feet up on the armrest, bowl of popcorn in hand and watched the #Fab5 USA women's gymnastics while they competed both as a team in international Olympic competition and individually against each other for the two open spots for individual Olympic competition.

My granddaughter, age 7, is a second year gymnast so her interest and that of her grandparents interest in the Olympics is focused on the gymnastics.  Although we did get sidetracked with swimming and some type of kayaking on whitewater....

The very next day after we watched the surprising results and heartwrenching coverage of Aly Raisman claiming an individual spot over the expected Jordyn Wieber, I watched my granddaughter practice at the gym.  The place was feverish with intensity and revived dedication.

When my son was young, he would have to pause the sport he was watching on TV, run outside and play the sport furiously, then return and start over.  He could not resist playing.
Watching sports is motivational.  Watching an athlete perform convinces us, in our own mind, that we, too, can do what they are doing if we just get up off the blasted couch.

What motivates you? 
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