Oct 30, 2012

Keep Cell Phone Dry with LokSak by TroutU

Guest Writer: Ruth Morse


OK, 'fess up. How many of you looked at this photo and immediately knew what the problem was?
Yup. Jim's cell phone got wet last week. The dumb thing has been in a bag of rice for 6 days now, and, even now, this is all we see when we turn it on.

Not good! I have no idea if the rice is accomplishing anything. I like to pretend the little white lines showing up on the screen are getting longer.
Yeah, right.
Decided we could not function without 2 cell phones. Jim's phone was a baby--only 5 months old. No chance for a deal from Verizon. I found the same phone on Amazon cheaper than we could purchase it on Verizon. Ordered it. It came. Charged it. And then this morning, magic happened.
I was able to activate the phone all by myself without calling a kid, a kid-in-law or a grandchild! This is a first. Do I feel proud or what?
Even before the new phone arrived, I also ordered a handy dandy wonderful Loksak from TroutU. (only $7.79 click here to order yours!)

Wow, is that company on the ball. Placed the order on Monday. Their ordering process is super simple. Made payment through PayPal and it went through lickety split. FREE SHIPPING! Wow and double WOW!
Their shipping department is really on the ball. We got our order 2 days later. I am most impressed with these guys and highly recommend them.
The premise is this: if your cell is encased in this lovely wonderful bag, it is totally waterproof. Jim would drop it in the river, fish it out [pun intended] and it will still be nice a and dry. Key word here is: IF. A person does have to remember to put the phone in the bag when working in the rain. Hint, hint.
Anyway, here we are, in the Morse household, each with our very own cell phone.

Notice anything unusual about our phones? Yup, all three are identical. Three LC Cosmos phones. All black.
Are we stupid or what? The doggedly frugal side of me took over and plowed right ahead ordering the same phone. Again. And again. And again. The first one was free, with a $30 upgrade fee. The second one was free without the $30 upgrade fee. The third one was not free, no way, no how.
There are perks in having identical multiple cells: for one thing, we don't have to learn a new phone. Plus, even if the old phone never dries out, at least we have a spare battery for either of our functional phones.
There are risks. Sooner or later, here's what will happen. Jim always puts his phone in the very same place. I lay mine down any old place. Some day I will pick up his phone as I head out the door. I will later try to call him and wonder why he does not answer. I will try to text him and wonder why my phone is so stupid that it cannot figure out how to get my text through.
Does TroutU sell anything to help with that little problem?

...and one more thing......
uh, I'll get back to you when I remember it.
The Cheap Senior Citizen is a Guest Writer who occasionally shares helpful hints she has learned through her experience.



Sandra said...

Thanks for this information Ruth, my husband goes fishing all the time WITH his phone, now he won't have to worry about getting it wet!

Ruth said...

Do I get any royalties/kickbacks/commission for sales generated by this post?

Just wondering.....