Nov 16, 2012

The Abbey Road Sessions ~ Album Review

Kylie Minogue is celebrating 25 years in the music business with her new album, The Abbey Road Sessions. The album was recorded in the legendary Abbey Road Studios with a full orchestra.  The background noise is low and Kylie's voice is clear and unblemished.

The Abbey Road Sessions features some of Kylie's previous classics, reimagined and rearranged, as well as the previously unreleased "Flower," a song she wrote following her battle with breast cancer.  That song was probably my favorite on the album.

A slight country twang appears periodically in this album that I don't think is typical of Kylie Minogue.  The album is peaceful and quiet, unlike her previous dance/pop hits.  I kept adjusting my audio settings thinking my bass was messed up, but there just isn't much bass in this album.  I'm not an orchestra fan, this isn't my typical music.  Many of Kylie's videos and images are uber-sexy and not exactly family friendly.  I can't say I'm a fan, but the orchestra sound is a nice direction for her.

You'll probably most remember Kylie from her 1988 hit version of "The Loco-Motion," although she's produced many albums since then.

Listen to a preview here.

Disclosure:  I was given a free copy of Kylie Minogue's CD to review. I am entered in a drawing for a Visa gift card in exchange for my review.  No other compensation.  The review contains my own, honest opinion and review.

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