Dec 17, 2012

McRib is Back..... But Is It Really?

Good, Great, Wonderful tidings I bring.....

My mother claims this happens every year at this time, but I'm always wonderfully surprised.  Most of my life is spent in longing anticipation for the moment McDonald's brings back the McRib.  I never knew I could schedule it on my calendar, it's routine.  Who knew?

I've had two McRibs already and have to admit....... they tasted different!  I'm stunned.  I hope something was wrong with my taste buds.  I hope they didn't alter the recipe.  Give it a taste and see what you think.  I will, of course, run several more taste tests.

Is the McRib really back?? 
Or is this an imposter?
I am happy to report after another taste test, the McRib tastes normal!  It really IS back!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, there ya go...I woulda nevah taken you for a McRib girl, but the funny thing is, I've had other friends email me to tell me they're fans, too!

But y'all have yet to convince me to try 'em. It takes Mystery Meat to a whole new level!