Jan 15, 2013

UNREAL Candy Tastes Great

I went on a cruise.
(more on that later)

Before I left you,
I told you about UNREAL candy, you know. . .
real ingredients, unreal taste
you know. . .
candy unjunked
and all that.
No Artificials
No Hydrogenateds
No Corn Syrup
No Preservatives
No GMOs.....

I hadn't tasted it.
My Target didn't sell it yet.

I went to Florida for my cruise
and found UNREAL at a store there.

I purchased it.
I packed it.
I ate it.

On the cruise.
Unreal environment.
UNREAL candy.
Real taste.

It was excellent,
tasted just as good as sugar filled regular candy.

I had UNREAL's version of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
UNREAL's version of Peanut M&Ms.

I'll never go back.  
UNREAL is just as satisfying,
just as yummy,
better for me.

Enter for a chance to win an UNREAL $10,000 at Target!

Disclosure:  As an #020 network blogger, I will be eligible to win a VISA gift card or Amazon.com ecertificate for writing this post or for writing the previous post, but not for both posts.  So one post is written simply because I love this candy and want to see more kids get UnJunked and get healthy.

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