Jan 4, 2013

Wife 22 Book Review

Wife 22

by Melanie Gideon

Wife 22 surprised me.  I almost didn't pick it up off the shelf, such a strange name.
But I did.

I can't even tell you the delicious part that made it so wonderful without spoiling it for you.
So I won't.

After twenty years of marriage and before "running out of things to say to each other," Alice Buckle responded to an email and signed up to participate in an anonymous online study called "Marriage in the 21st Century."

To keep the marriage study anonymous, Alice Buckle was simply "Wife 22."    Her correspondence with "Researcher 101" incites her to reveal things she never dared acknowledge.....
  In fact, Researcher 101 is able to pull things out of Wife 22 that force her to make some changes. Dreams, desires, memories, hopes and more come flying out of Wife 22 at the speed of 92 words per minute.

In fact, Alice Buckle has awakened a dormant part of her very self that is so powerful, she is compelled to meet Researcher 101 at a cafe'.  Together, via email, they struggle with the question:

To Meet or Not To Meet? 

As Wife 22 and Researcher 101 wrestle with the moral dilemma of a date at the cafe' and the consequence of removing anonymity, Alice Buckle's marriage treads on in sad monotony, limping toward "til death do us part."  There is a delicious little surprise in this story, but I'll let you discover it on your own.

Gideon writes seamlessly.  Reading through this book is like munching through a warm loaf of apple bread, you will "just one more piece" your way through the whole book in short time.  So cozy.  So delicious.  You'll recognize characters, relate to family members and see parallels with your own life.  She'll make you question it all and she'll leave you feeling hopeful, smiling "What if?"

I received no compensation for this book review and was not asked to review it.

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