Feb 12, 2013

Cupcake Review: Hot Chocolate and Lemon Cranberry

So . . . I casually walked by Cupcake in the Vista again last week and peeked in to see what the day's flavors were.  Hot Chocolate and Low-Fat Lemon Cranberry.  And they were calling my name.

I snuggled these beauties in the corner of my car and drove off to find someone to do the taste test.....
  I was communicating with my pastor about something else when it hit me:  He can do the taste test.  A real live pastor.  You know a pastor wouldn't cheat on a taste test, he'll give us an accurate account.

I found the church staff decorating for Valentine's Day.  We spread the cupcakes out, cut them into pieces, handed out forks and began.

Both cupcakes were delicious, but Hot Chocolate was the overall favorite.

Laura gave the Cranberry Lemon a big thumbs up.  It took her a few minutes to identify the unique ingredient:  corn meal.
"I could  eat this for breakfast,"
she sighed.

Hot Chocolate, we all agreed, was almost too rich.
The icing actually mellows it out enough, but the dark chocolate is very, very rich.

"This is better than hot chocolate,"
Britta moaned.

"The icing," I smiled, "You have to guess what is swirled in the icing."

That marshmellow fluff stuff you buy in a jar
and haven't eaten since you were 8 years old!

Philip and I agreed it's so good because as adults you can't eat Fluff anymore.

"Oh yes you can!" Britta told us, reminding us to live a little.  You don't have to stop having fun just because you're a grown-up.  And you know what?  Some days you just need some encouragement like that.

Lincoln Street, Columbia SC

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