Feb 17, 2013

Surviving Your Serengeti, Book Review

Surviving Your Serengeti:  7 Skills to Master Business and Life
A fable of self-discovery
by Stefan Swanepoel
Thomas Nelson Publishers

I recently reviewed this book for Thomas Nelson.  I was attracted to it because it's a fable designed to help both in self-discovery and in business life.  What an odd mix.  I just had to take a peek.  As adults, we rarely study fables.

This fable followers some travelers who witness the annual thousand-mile migration of over two million animals across the African Serengeti Plains.  The strength and survival skills of seven of these animals is studied and pared down to seven skills that we can apply to our own struggles in life, specifically in the business realm.  Each chapter continues the story, zooms in on one skill and ends with bullet-point application tips......

It took me a long time to get through this book, it didn't catch me the way I thought it would.  This is a good book to have for reference on the self-help or business shelf of your library.  You might not read it through, but you might use it for guidance when you find yourself struggling.

Author Stefan Swanepoel was born in Kenya, lived in Hong Kong and South Africa and New York City.  He has served as president of seven companies and two non-profits.

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