Mar 8, 2013

Catching Up with You

I haven't had the desire to blog lately.
It seems like each day the life just gets sucked straight out of me.  I have nothing left.  I tip over on the couch and zone out.  And other days it feels like I'm numb.  I can't think, feel, focus.  I find myself staring into space like a lifeless object.  I think it's just that time of life.  And my workload has increased to unmanageable proportions and I often think if I can't do it all, why do any of it?

Here's a note just to catch up a little.

The Sandlapper returned.
Can you imagine racing through these pines?

This was Round Two of the National Enduro. 
Because of my work for The Race Shop in Atlanta, I've met a lot of these guys and enjoy keeping in touch with them. 

Ringling Brothers brought the circus back to town.

It was Benji's first circus....
He seemed confused for the first half .... 

... and slept through the second half. 

Look at Patti's face in the picture above.
That's my girl.  That's the same face of my little girl and it took me right back to her childhood and the memories flooded.

Benji's young, but Eva is the perfect age for a circus.
We snuggled and had a great time.

My daughter-in-law, Eden, had her first baby shower.
Her baby, Sophia Grace, brings 5 generations to the table.

My son was out of town at the time of the shower.
He, and WE, are Carolina fans.  She, and THEY, are Clemson fans.  So when the orange gifts started rolling, I sent him a pic and told him to come home and control his wife.

Back to work for me.  Thanks for checking in....

Patti had to find a quiet spot at the circus for Benji to fall asleep.  Someone brought her a chair and he went right off to sleep.

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