Apr 8, 2013

2013 Ultimate Blog Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

The party has started!
The Ultimate Blog Party 2013.

This is my first time participating in the Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom.  This is primarily a way for bloggers to meet and get to know each other and maybe, possibly, win some great prizes.

Let me introduce myself to you fellow bloggers.... I have been blogging since forever and writing since I was born.  I have to write.  Almost every day.  This blog is about anything, but contains a lot of travel advice, and book, movie and music reviews.

I am a mom of three, two of which married in the same year -- 2011 -- which proves I can do anything!  I am a grandma who is called "Pookie" instead of "Grandma."  My first grandchild, Eva, chose that name and it stuck.  Hence, Pookie's Planet.

I work with Broadstreet Consulting, providing content development in the creation of websites for small business.  I oversee the social media marketing department which includes emails, social media accounts and individual blogs.

But mostly? I just ramble on in my personal blog, right here on Pookie's Planet.  Stroll through your favorite categories on my right sidebar.  You can use the search, but it rarely works well.  Someday soon I will re-organize my site to make navigation much easier.  Until then, good luck.

I can't wait to meet new bloggers!  Leave a comment and introduce yourself!

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Cher said...

Nice to 'meet' you! How crazy 2 weddings in one year!

Stopping by to say hi from the Ultimate Blog Party!


Vi (pronounced Vy) said...

lol. my email address is pookielocks! haha

Welcome to #ubp13!! it's definitely a good time to meet other bloggers. :) I'll check around here for sure!

my site is ouata.wordpress.com and my etsy shop is ouata.etsy.com Be sure to stop by and visit me!

Unknown said...

Hi! I have been going back through the UBP13 and finding people to connect with that I missed the first time around. I love that your called "Pookie" a friend of mine has a grandma called "Bah" which ended up being what EVERYONE called her and I loved the uniqueness of that. You can find me at A Table for Five, nice to meet you :)