Apr 29, 2013

Special Way to See the Grand Canyon

I was reading "Favorite Features of our National Parks" in my latest Vacations Magazine and I began reminiscing about some of our trips to the parks.  The best and the worst, most memorable, most fun, that sort of thing and I remembered something I just had to share with you.

I have a fear of heights so this is how I saw the Grand Canyon:

Wasn't my son a peach to join me so I didn't look totally ridiculous all by myself?

I was too scared to get near the edge, terrified when my family each skirted the cliff edges.  Then I found this sloping rock!  It was perfect to lay on and peer over.  It doesn't look like it, but we were looking pretty much straight down into the canyon.  Incredible.

So.....  my favorite feature of the Grand Canyon National Park is this sloping rock.

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