Aug 30, 2013

Welcome Home 80th APS

Trying to pick out her daddy.

It was a big week for my family.  Robby, my son-in-law, who probably is known as Rob in the 80th, came home from Kuwait.

Before going to Kuwait, he got to know his son for about 2 months.  The goodbye was heart wrenching.  I knew the baby would be OK.  I wasn't so sure about the daddy.

Upon return, his son is 9 months old, has a little more hair and eats meat.

Keep our troops in your prayers.  Keep their spouses and children in your prayers.  I know it's hard to be away, but it's hard to be home alone, too.  Thank you to my kids for their service and thank you to the thousands of others who have served or are still over there.  Can't wait for them all to be home!

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Fern said...

Thank You Robbie! So glad he got home safe and now the family can start living a normal life again!