Sep 3, 2013

Attack on Syria: To Cruise or Not to Cruise . . .

. . . and no, this isn't a travel post.

President Obama spent Labor Day mulling over enacting the 1973 War Powers Act that gives him the right to launch military action against Syria without the approval of Congress - which hasn't rejected Obama's weekend call to attack Syria, they just don't officially meet until September 9th and possibly could ask to postpone the decision until then.

I picture our fine Congressmenandwomen on their break, rolling over in bed to receive the weekend phone call:

{yawn}  "Hello?." {tips clock to see the time}

"Yes SirOrMaam Mr.OrMs.Congressperson, This is the White House calling. The President has called for an attack on Syria.  How do you vote?"

{blinks sleepy eyes} "Ummmm, but, I'm on my break."  {blinks some more, wipes sleepies out of eyes}  "I think.... wait... can I get some coffee first?  What is errbody else voting?"


So we - the U.S. - is going to mull over this for a week.  Which I'm not entirely opposed to.  I don't want to send more troops to another fiasco either.  I don't want more lives lost, more mommys and daddys, sons and daughters lost.

According to CNN, "No one is calling for boots on the ground..."  (Is anybody else singing "boots on the ground" to the tune of "pants on the ground?"  "lookin' like a fool with your boots on the ground..")

From CNN - "The US would use US warships with Tomahawk cruise missiles."  No boots on the ground.  (you're singing it now, aren't you?)  Just one of these bad boys launched outside of the Syrian range of fire:

Collateral damage would be low. {cough, cough} But nobody really knows that for sure.  Syrian's retaliation would be {mostly} avoidable, manageable.  

But in the meantime, 100,00 deaths have been reported and the UN refugee agency reports that every 15 seconds, another Syrian becomes a refugee.

The use of deadly force internationally has always confused me.  I don't know how I feel about it.  I know in the next few decades when our government turns on us (and it will, we are allowing ourselves to be set up very nicely for this), I would like help from another country because my little old Glock won't go too far.  Oh wait.  I didn't get the Glock yet.  {scribbles on today's to-do list: "get Glock"}  {It's right under "get more TP, pick up dry-cleaning"}

I appreciate our politicians making the hard decisions.  I appreciate those who serve our country in the military.  I just have a tender heart and I don't want to see anyone get hurt.  I'm a momma, not a fighter. 

Read CNN's Attack on Syria for Dummies  {It's way more helpful than this blogpost} {but you knew that before you subscribed}

Speculation on what an attack on Syria would look like.

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